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Set-Theoretic Reconstructability of Elementary Cellular Automata
Systems Science Faculty Publications and Presentations
  • Martin Zwick, Portland State University
  • Hui Shu, Portland State University
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  • System design,
  • System analysis,
  • Log-linear models,
  • Data structures
Set-theoretic reconstructability analysis is used to characterize the structures of the mappings of elementary cellular automata. The minimum complexity structure for each ECA mapping, indexed by parameter σ, is more effective than the λ parameter of Langton as a predictor of chaotic dynamics.

This is the author's manuscript copy of an article originally published in Advances in Systems Science and Applications, 1, pp. 31-36.

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Martin Zwick and Hui Shu. "Set-Theoretic Reconstructability of Elementary Cellular Automata" (1995)
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