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Ordering Genetic Algorithm Genomes with Reconstructability Analysis
International Journal of General Systems
  • Stephen Shervais, Eastern Washington University
  • Martin Zwick, Portland State University
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  • Genetic algorithms -- Evaluation,
  • occam (Computer program language),
  • Epistasis (Genetics)
The building block hypothesis implies that genetic algorithm effectiveness is influenced by the relative location of epistatic genes on the chromosome. We find that this influence exists, but depends on the generation in which it is measured. Early in the search process it may be more effective to have epistatic genes widely separated. Late in the search process, effectiveness is improved when they are close together. The early search effect is weak but still statistically significant; the late search effect is much stronger and plainly visible. We demonstrate both effects with a set of simple problems, and show that infonnation-theoretic reconstructability analysis can be used to decide on optimal gene ordering.

This is the authors' version of an article that subsequently appeared in the International Journal of General Systems, Vol. 32(5), pp. 491-502.

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Shervais, Stephen, and Martin Zwick†. "Ordering genetic algorithm genomes with reconstructability analysis." International Journal of General Systems 32.5 (2003): 491-502.