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Wholes and Parts in General Systems Methodology
The Character Concept in Evolutionary Biology, Gunter Wagner, Ed., Academic Press, 2001.
  • Martin Zwick, Portland State University
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Book Chapter
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  • System theory,
  • Information theory,
  • Set-theoretic modeling,
  • Log-linear models,
  • Complexity,
  • Entropy,
  • Multivariate analysis
Reconstructability analysis (RA) decomposes wholes, namely data in the form either of set-theoretic relations or multivariate probability distributions, into parts, namely relations or distributions involving subsets of variables. Data is modeled and compressed by variablebased decomposition, by more general state-based decomposition, or by the use of latent variables. Models, which specify the interdependencies among the variables, are selected to minimize error and complexity.

This is the author's version of a book chapter that was subsequently published in "The character concept in evolutionary biology," published and copyright by Academic Press; edited by Gunter P. Wagner.

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Zwick, M. (2001). "Wholes and Parts in General Systems Methodology." In The Character Concept in Evolutionary Biology, Guner Wagner, ed., Academic Press. pp. 237-256.