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Dark Matter Constraints from the Sagittarius Dwarf and Tail System
IAU Symposium
  • Steven R. Majewski, University of Virginia
  • David R. Law, University of Virginia
  • Kathryn V. Johnston, Wesleyan University
  • Michael F. Skrutskie, University of Virginia
  • Martin D. Weinberg, University of Massachusetts Amherst
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2MASS has provided a three-dimensional map of the >360 degree, wrapped tidal tails of the Sagittarius (Sgr) dwarf spheroidal galaxy, as traced by M giant stars. With the inclusion of radial velocity data for stars along these tails, strong constraints exist for dynamical models of the Milky Way-Sgr interaction. N-body simulations of Sgr disruption with model parameters spanning a range of initial conditions (e.g., Sgr mass and orbit, Galactic rotation curve, halo flattening) are used to find parameterizations that match almost every extant observational constraint of the Sgr system. We discuss the implications of the Sgr data and models for the orbit, mass and M/L of the Sgr bound core as well as the strength, flattening, and lumpiness of the Milky Way potential.
This is a pre-published version which is collected from arXiv link.
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ASP Conference Series
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Steven R. Majewski, David R. Law, Kathryn V. Johnston, Michael F. Skrutskie, et al.. "Dark Matter Constraints from the Sagittarius Dwarf and Tail System" IAU Symposium Vol. 220 (2004)
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