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Shakespeare, Shylock and US
  • Martin J. Plax, Cleveland State University
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The article examines the limitations of diversity in a commercial republic like the U.S., as highlighted in the book "Shylock and the Jewish Question" by Martin D. Yaffe. When read as a whole, the book exposes some irresolvable conflicts regarding prejudice within democratic commercial republics. Liberal democracy is built on the separation of State and Society, which means that the State or Government limits its concerns to public matters and leaves private matters alone. Preventing liberal democracies from becoming illiberal may require Government's being mindful of certain religious teachings. The imbalances now being justified in the name of civil religion may therefore be corrected only if we moderate our expectations of and demands for Absolute Justice.
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Plax, M. J. (2004). SHAKESPEARE, SHYLOCK and US. Society, 41(6), 69-73.