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Towards Quality as an Equity Imperative
Equality in Education: Fairness and Inclusion (2014)
  • Rachel Outhred, Oxford Policy Management
  • Carol Nuga Deliwe, Department of Basic Education, the Republic of South Africa
  • Catherine Stubberfield, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  • Adrian Beavis, Australian Council for Educational Research
  • Jenny Wilkinson, Australian Council for Educational Research
  • Martin Murphy, Australian Council for Educational Research
Improving access to education, globally, has been a key success of the Education for All movement, with an additional 50 million children enrolled in schooling since 2000 in sub-Saharan Africa alone (UNESCO, 2012, p. 123). However, increased enrolments can lead to further strains on education systems that are already resource- constrained. With that said, the access/quality nexus does not necessarily impede equity outcomes, as many countries have achieved improved learning for primary school pupils while simultaneously increasing enrolments.
  • Education for All,
  • Equal education,
  • Educational opportunities,
  • Global Education,
  • Development education,
  • Educational quality
Publication Date
Hongzhi Zhang, Philip Wing, Keung Chan, & Christopher Boyle
Sense Publishers
Citation Information
Rachel Outhred, Carol Nuga Deliwe, Catherine Stubberfield, Adrian Beavis, et al.. "Towards Quality as an Equity Imperative" Rotterdam, The NetherlandsEquality in Education: Fairness and Inclusion (2014) p. 61 - 78
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