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Toward the Next Generation of Emergency Operations Systems
Silicon Valley Campus
  • Art Botterell, CMU-SV/DMI
  • Martin Griss, Carnegie Mellon University
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For more than half a century the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been a key component of emergency management (EM), homeland security and business continuity practice. Changes in the technical, threat, economic and social environments are placing new pressures on the concept of the EOC in the public, private and community sectors. Investigation of the desirable attributes of a “Next Generation EOC” has led to alternative EOC roles and configurations. This paper describes emerging pressures on, and trends in, emergency and business contingency management systems, and describes a research program to explore solutions to both new and persistent design challenges.
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Art Botterell and Martin Griss. "Toward the Next Generation of Emergency Operations Systems" (2011)
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