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Kinetic Art and Transcendental Phenomenological Analysis
The Qualitative Report
  • Martha M. Snyder, Nova Southeastern University
Transcendental phenomenological analysis (TPA) is a form of qualitative research analysis that engages the researcher in the process of observation, interpretation, reflexivity, and imagination. It is a form science and art. This digital narrative is a story of how I studied TPA through the lens of kinetic art and more specifically, the art of making mobiles. In this video, I present a blend of narrative and photography to share how I made my first mobile and deepened my knowledge and appreciation of TPA
  • Transcendental Phenomenological Analysis,
  • Qualitative Research,
  • Digital Narrative,
  • Kinetic Art,
  • Mobiles
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Martha M. Snyder. "Kinetic Art and Transcendental Phenomenological Analysis" (2013) p. 1 - 17
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