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Leaning Into Autoethnography: A Review of Heewon Chang’s Autoethnography As Method
The Qualitative Report
  • Martha M. Snyder, Nova Southeastern University
To lean in means to press forward or to move toward something. Leaning in is a deliberate way to approach something whether it is a strong wind or a new skill. Leaning in describes my stance toward autoethnography. I am making a step forward to understand what autoethnography is and how I might be able to use it in my personal research agenda. In reviewing the various approaches to autoethnography, I have found that Autoethnography as Method by Heewon Chang offers a comfortable entry point. Her methodical approach and practical guidelines for doing autoethnography are appealing and useful in creating a balance of reflection, analysis, and interpretation.
  • Autoethnography,
  • Qualitative Methods,
  • Ethnography,
  • Triad
Author Bio(s)
Martha (Marti) Snyder is an associate professor in the Graduate School of Computer and Information Sciences at Nova Southeastern University (NSU). Her research focuses on designs for learning in technology-enhanced environments. She may be contacted at
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Martha M. Snyder. "Leaning Into Autoethnography: A Review of Heewon Chang’s Autoethnography As Method" (2015) p. 93 - 96
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