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RDA in Perspective: how to use the library literature to your advantage
Technical Services Quarterly (2013)
  • Martha Fallahay Loesch, Seton Hall University
With the publication of the new cataloging standard, Resource Development and Access (RDA) in June 2010, the follow-up beta testing, and an imminent implementation date announced for the near future, catalogers are immersed in RDA preparation. Consequently, the library literature on RDA is extensive. The purpose of the author of this article is to provide catalogers with a selection of articles that provide job related practical advice as well as a comprehensive synopsis of the development of RDA and its related metadata schema. A relevant timeline is appended.
  • RDA,
  • Resource Description and Access,
  • FRBR,
  • Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records,
  • Anglo-American Cataloging Rules,
  • AACR2,
  • RDA Toolkit,
  • RDA testing,
  • International Cataloging Principles,
  • cataloging,
  • metadata,
  • Semantic Web
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Martha Fallahay Loesch. "RDA in Perspective: how to use the library literature to your advantage" Technical Services Quarterly Vol. 31 Iss. 1 (2013)
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