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Repairing Facade Easements: Is This the Gift That Launched a Thousand Deductions?
Akron Tax Journal (2007)
  • Martha W. Jordan, Duquesne University School of Law

This article explores the impact of such a covenant on the characterization for tax purposes of expenditures to maintain the facade. In particular this article explores the following question: Given that the charitable easement holder owns a nonpossessory interest in the facade, which imposes on the charity an obligation to repair and maintain the facade and entitles it to benefit from increases in the value of the facade, is a donor's assumption of the charity's obligation to repair the facade an additional charitable contribution to the charity? If a donor gratuitously makes improvements to property owned outright by a charity, such improvements are deductible charitable contributions. Similarly, if a donor gives money to a charitable easement holder to enable it to maintain the property subject to the easement, such donations are deductible charitable contributions. This article goes one step further and asks whether a donor who assumes the cost of maintaining the charity's nonpossessory interest in the facade makes an indirect deductible charitable contribution to the charity when such repairs are made. Having done so, this article concludes that if the general rule imposes the obligation to repair the facade on the charitable easement on the easement holder, the covenant in which the donor assumes liability to repair the servient estate represents the donor's promise to make gifts in the future and that payments pursuant to such a promise constitute, to the extent of the charity's obligation to repair, additional indirect charitable contributions. This article also concludes that current law supports the allowance of a deduction for indirect, as well as direct, charitable contributions.

  • qualified conservation contribution,
  • tax deductions,
  • easements,
  • facades,
  • charitable deductions,
  • preservation,
  • property maintenance,
  • federal taxes
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Martha W. Jordan. "Repairing Facade Easements: Is This the Gift That Launched a Thousand Deductions?" Akron Tax Journal Vol. 22 (2007)
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