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Nailing Ectoplasm to the Wall: Serials Control & E-journals
2nd International Fire Information Conference (2002)
  • Martha Gunnarson, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Serials control has been described as being like "nailing jello to the wall." Electronic journals add (or is it take away?) a whole new dimension to the librarian's life.

In this presentation, I will take a look at some of the issues involved in setting up (and maintaining) access to e-journals.

Will the new paperless journals make your life easier?

Finding out what’s available

How much will it cost?

How consortial agreements can help keep costs in line

Freebies - are they any good?

Good things come to those who wait - new options appear on the horizon

What kind of access is available?

Is pay-per-view a better option?

Dealing with license agreements

Troubleshooting the connections

Making the journals available to patrons - home grown and commercial services

Advertising availability

Troubleshooting the patrons

What about checking in the issues?

Interlibrary loan issues

“Paper or plastic?” -- Print plus online, or online only?

Who do you trust? -- What to do about those back runs of the print

Statistics - the good, the bad, and the really ugly

Just when you thought you had it all together - renewal time!

  • Periodicals,
  • eJournals,
  • Serials Control
Publication Date
May, 2002
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Martha Gunnarson. "Nailing Ectoplasm to the Wall: Serials Control & E-journals" 2nd International Fire Information Conference (2002)
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