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Human Rights Indicators across Institutional Regimes
international organizations law review (2015)
  • Marta Infantino
This paper aims to investigate what human rights indicators are, and what role they play within international organizations. In particular, this paper argues that human rights indicators, far from having similar structures and posing similar problems, are created and live within frameworks, through processes, and for purposes that might significantly diverge from indicator to indicator. The central claim is that the pluralism underlying the world of human rights indicators reflects, among other things, the variable structures, objectives and modes of operation of the international organizations inhabiting that world. This paper thus explores how the massive production and
extensive use of human rights indicators in recent years has not only been influenced by, but has also shaped, the missions, internal structures and operational practices of the international organizations that produce and use them.
  • global indicators,
  • human rights
Publication Date
Winter 2015
Citation Information
Marta Infantino. "Human Rights Indicators across Institutional Regimes" international organizations law review Vol. 12 (2015) p. 146 - 167
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