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西方侵权法中的多数人侵权:一种比较法的视角 (Multiple Tortfeasors in Western Tort Law: A Comparative Outline)
Journal of Soochow University (2014)
  • Mauro Bussani, University of Trieste
  • Marta Infantino

The aim of the paper (in Chinese) is to explore the state-of-the-art of principles and rules on multiple tortfeasors liability in Western tort laws. The survey mainlyes focus on a set of Western jurisdictions from Western Europe and North America – mostly on England, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States.

  • Western tort laws,
  • multiple tortfeasors
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Mauro Bussani and Marta Infantino. "西方侵权法中的多数人侵权:一种比较法的视角 (Multiple Tortfeasors in Western Tort Law: A Comparative Outline)" Journal of Soochow University Vol. 35 (2014)
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