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A Strategic Market Game Approach for the Private Provision of Public Goods
Journal of Dynamics and Games (2014)
  • Marta Faias, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
  • Emma Moreno-García, Universidad de Salamanca
  • Myrna Wooders, Vanderbilt University
Bergstrom, Blume and Varian (1986) provides an elegant game-theoretic model of an economy with one private good and one public good. Strategies of players consist of voluntary contributions of the private good to public good production. Without relying on first order conditions, as in prior literature, the authors demonstrate existence of Nash equilibrium. The assumption of one-private good greatly facilities the results. We provide an analogue of the Bergstrom, Blume and Varian result in a model allowing multiple private and public goods. In addition, we relate the strategic market game equilibrium to the private-provision equilibrium of Villanacci and Zenginobuz (2005), which provides a counter-part to the Walrasian equilibrium for a public goods economy. To obtain our results we introduce a model of a strategic market game with public goods. Our approach also incorporates, into the strategic market game literature, economies with production.
  • Public goods,
  • market games,
  • equilibrium,
  • Nash equilibrium,
  • private provision,
  • voluntary contributions.
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Marta Faias, Emma Moreno-García and Myrna Wooders. "A Strategic Market Game Approach for the Private Provision of Public Goods" Journal of Dynamics and Games Vol. 1 Iss. 2 (2014)
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