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When being bad was good
The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide
  • Marshall Sidney MOORE
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Book review
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Gay & Lesbian Review, Inc.
Moore reviews the book The Sperm Engine, by Richard Greco. Does the world need another book about New York's preepidemic halcyon days? Can there possibly be anything new to say? Stephen Greco's sexy and elegant The Sperm Engine does provide a fresh take on the erotic memoir in the Big Apple during the 1970's. The Sperm Engine exists in the territory between memoir and fiction, and it's the perfect medium for Greco to compile accounts of his erotic adventures, whether real or imagined. The book is comprised of disparate stories or accounts, but taken as a whole they suggest a narrative arc.
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Moore, M. (2003). When being bad was good. The Gay and Lesbian Review Worldwide, 10(3), 43-44.