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Still life with pterodactyls
Suspect Thoughts : A Journal Of Subversive Writing
  • Marshall Sidney MOORE
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Journal article
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Suspect Thoughts Press

Short story. Victor lost his mother Catherine before two weeks before his fifteenth birthday. Some children's parents step out for a pack of cigarettes or a bottle of milk, and never return; Victor's mom disappeared by degrees. One morning her thumbs became transparent, from the outside in. The purplish tangle of blood vessels pulsed gently, faded to pink, and was gone before lunch; by late afternoon, she had no arms below the elbows. Victor asked her what dematerialization felt like.

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Copyrihgt © 2006 Marshall Moore
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Moore, M. (2007). Still life with pterodactyls. Suspect Thoughts: A Journal Of Subversive Writing, (17). Retrieved from