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An ideal for living : a novel
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  • Marshall Sidney MOORE
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Lethe Press
Grace White and her brother Robert, overweight and affluent, are desperate to hang onto their respective love interests. Grace’s husband Rich is bonking every woman he can talk into bed. Grace is willing to look beyond his affairs if she can just have her marriage back. Robert’s law school fling James’s interest diminished as Robert’s waistline increased. They’re still friends in a lopsided way, because Robert has never moved on. The only solution? Losing those excess pounds… by any means necessary. And when James finds a supernatural healer who can sculpt living flesh like clay, beautiful ugliness ensues. Will Robert and Grace get what they want, or what they deserve?
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Copyright © 2010 by Marshall Moore. All rights reserved.
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Moore, M. (2010). An ideal for living: A novel. New Jersy: Lethe Press.