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About Mark Helmsing

Mark Helmsing is an assistant professor in the Department of Secondary Education at the University of Wyoming, where he teaches courses in social studies curriculum and pedagogy. Interested in the stories, myths, beliefs, and ideals that young people learn as citizens, his research examines curricula and pedagogies of belonging and national identity in diverse sites where social education occurs, specifically schools, museums, and in popular culture. Related to Mark’s scholarship is his ongoing work with educators to help identify and promote social and cultural literacies that engage critical stances for students in historical, political, and economic thinking. In his teaching, writing, and sharing through social media, Mark draws upon ideas and methods across the humanities, including history, philosophy, literature, folklore, performance theory, cultural studies, and film studies. A sample of past research projects include oral histories of teachers on 9/11; a study of how social studies teachers pedagogically frame diverse conceptualizations of Africa; historical examinations of how anthropology, economics, and other social sciences have been taught in U.S. schools; and a study of the pedagogical orientation of the Arab American National Museum. Mark has presented over 25 papers at national and international conferences, including the American Educational Research Association, the National Council for the Social Studies, and the Bergamo Conference on Curriculum Theory and Classroom Practice. He has published chapters in many books and journals, including Theory and Research in Social Education and The Review of Education, Pedagogy, and Cultural Studies.


Present Department of Secondary Education, University of Wyoming
Present Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming

Contact Information

Office: (307) 766-3250