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Instant insight: think outside the cell
Faculty of Science - Papers (Archive)
  • Mark R Wilson, University of Wollongong
  • Justin J Yerbury, University of Wollongong
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Wilson, M. R. & Yerbury, J. (2008). Instant insight: think outside the cell. Highlights in Chemical Biology (2).

Proteins perform many different functions critical for life, from building our muscle structure to digesting our food. These large biological molecules each have a unique three-dimensional shape which they require to perform their function. In protein deposition diseases (PDDs), however, a disease-specific protein molecule unfolds from its normal shape and assembles together with like molecules into insoluble rod-shaped fibrils. These protein deposits can be found in the brain, skeletal tissue and various organs; in some cases they may become large enough to disrupt tissue structure and function.
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Highlights in Chemical Biology
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Mark R Wilson and Justin J Yerbury. "Instant insight: think outside the cell" (2008)
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