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Mystery of the Black Death
Lecture for East Georgia College’s Vision Series (2012)
  • Mark R. Welford, Georgia Southern University
Welford is currently working with Dr. Brian Bossak on a fundamental yet unanswered question at the intersection of anthropology, biology, environmental science, geography, and history: What caused the Medieval Black Death (MBD), one of the greatest epidemics in terms of scope, mortality, and societal change? Despite Yersin's 1894 proclamation that the MBD was an episode of bubonic plague and widespread early adoption of this etiologic paradigm by historians, the actual cause of the MBD has never been confirmed and is still a matter of intense debate. A recent reinvigorated research focus on this lethal epidemic has provided a growing legacy of peer-reviewed investigational evidence at odds with a Y. pestis based etiologic paradigm.
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Mark R. Welford. "Mystery of the Black Death" Lecture for East Georgia College’s Vision Series (2012)
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