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3D Systems' Technology Overview and New Applications in Manufacturing, Engineering, Science, and Education
3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing
  • Trevor Snyder, 3D Systems Corporation
  • Mike Andrews, 3D Systems Corporation
  • Mark M. Weislogel, Portland State University
  • Peter Moeck, Portland State University
  • Jennifer Stone-Sundberg, Portland State University
  • Derek Birkes, Portland State University
  • Madeline Paige Hoffert, Portland State University
  • Adam Lindeman, Portland State University
  • Jeff Morrill, Portland State University
  • Ondrej Fercak, Portland State University
  • Sasha Friedman, Portland State University
  • Jeff Gunderson, Portland State University
  • Anh Ha, Portland State University
  • Jack McCollister, Portland State University
  • Yongkang Chen, Portland State University
  • John T. Geile, Portland State University
  • Andrew Paul Wollman, Portland State University
  • Babek Attari, Portland State University
  • Nathan Botnen, Portland State University
  • Vasant Vuppuluri, Portland State University
  • Jennifer Shim, Princeton University
  • Werner Kaminsky, University of Washington - Seattle Campus
  • Dustin Adams, Xerox Corporation
  • John Graft, NASA Johnson Space Center
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  • Three-dimensional printing -- Technological innovations,
  • Three-dimensional printing -- Applications to manufacturing,
  • Three-dimensional printing -- Applications to education,
  • Three-dimensional printing -- Industrial applications

Since the inception of 3D printing, an evolutionary process has taken place in which specific user and customer needs have crossed paths with the capabilities of a growing number of machines to create value-added businesses. Even today, over 30 years later, the growth of 3D printing and its utilization for the good of society is often limited by the various users' understanding of the technology for their specific needs. This article presents an overview of current 3D printing technologies and shows numerous examples from a multitude of fields from manufacturing to education.


Copyright 2014, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Article is published open access.

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Snyder, T. J., Andrews, M., Weislogel, M., Moeck, P., Stone-Sundberg, J., Birkes, D., Hoffert, M. P., Lindeman, A., Morrill, J., Fercak, O., Friedman, S., Gunderson, J., Ha, A., McCollister, J., Chen, Y., Geile, J., Wollman, A., Attari, B., Botnen, N., Vuppuluri, V., Shim, J., Kaminsky, W., Adams, D., … Graft, J. (2014). 3D Systems' Technology Overview and New Applications in Manufacturing, Engineering, Science, and Education. 3D printing and additive manufacturing, 1(3), 169-176.