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Single-Build Additive Manufacturing of Autonomous Machines
NIP & Digital Fabrication Conference
  • Trevor Snyder, 3D Systems Corporation
  • Johnathan Mick
  • Mark M. Weislogel, Portland State University
  • Martin Beyl, Portland State University
  • Adam Buchholz
  • Emilio Molina, Portland State University
  • Daniel Norris, Portland State University
  • Kyle Viestenz, Portland State University
  • Jon Vu
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  • Three - dimensional printing,
  • Three - dimensional printing -- Industrial applications
There are numerous 3D printing methods - each with unique attributes and limitations. There are likewise numerous end-use applications for each method. One such application discussed herein is the ability to manufacture complete and functional additive manufacturing autonomous machines. These machines are made in a single-build with no post-build assembly or added mass. These devices can store and expend internal energy to perform useful functions. While presently only mechanical in design, future materials and machine capabilities will enable the creation of highly complex single-build electromechanical devices.. This paper defines a specific type of single-build autonomous machine termed Addimata and describes key components of such devices. A selection of demonstrated designs are presented and described that utilize commonly available 3D printing processes and materials.

Copyright (2015) Society for Imaging Science and Technology

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Snyder, T., Mick, J., Weislogel, M., Beyl, M., Buchholz, A., Molina, E., ... & Vu, J. (2015, January). Single-Build Additive Manufacturing of Autonomous Machines. In NIP & Digital Fabrication Conference (Vol. 2015, No. 1, pp. 293-298). Society for Imaging Science and Technology.