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About Mark J. van der Laan

Our research involves developing statistical methods and theories for the analysis of data as commonly arise in randomized controlled trials and observational studies. In particular, we are concerned with methods dealing in proper ways with informative censoring, confounding, the curse of dimensionality, multiple testing, and data adaptive selection of models. Our philosophy is targeted learning, formalized by our recent work on targeted maximum likelihood learning, and unified loss based learning.
This statistical approach aims to let the data speak for the purpose of answering a particular scientific question of interest, and provide robust tests of null hypotheses of interest. We are continuously concerned with bringing these methods into practice and benchmark them by the practical performance on simulated and real data.
Please note Web site for the new book, Targeted Learning:


Present Professor of Biostatistics and Statistics, University of California, Berkeley

Curriculum Vitae

Biology & Genetics (29)