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Oregon Spartina Response Plan
Center for Lakes and Reservoirs Publications and Presentations
  • Mary Pfauth, Portland State University
  • Mark Sytsma, Portland State University
  • Dennis Isaacson, Portland State University
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Technical Report
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  • Spartina -- Oregon -- Control,
  • Weeds -- Control -- Oregon,
  • Alien plants -- Oregon
Four introduced, invasive species of Spartina (cordgrass) have been present in estuarine areas of the U.S. west coast for over a century. These Spartina species are ecological engineers- they cause severe alternations in the hydrology and food webs of invaded estuaries that are detrimental to native wildlife and commercial and recreational uses. Oregon has been relatively free of these weeds, with only two known infestations. One infestation was eradicated by Oregon Department of Agriculture and the other is currently under eradication by The Nature Conservancy.

Prepared for Oregon Department of Agriculture

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Mary Pfauth, Mark Sytsma and Dennis Isaacson. "Oregon Spartina Response Plan" (2007)
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