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The Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre
Next Generation Learning Spaces Colloquium (2008)
  • Mark Sutherland, Bond University
  • Hamilton Wilson

The Multimedia Learning Centre (MLC) is located in the northern wing of the main Arch Building on the Bond University campus. The facility functions as an environment for extended learning experiences for all Bond students, as well as a digital gallery for the projection of multimedia high art and the use of computer gaming technology. It is managed and staffed centrally by Information Services (Library and ICT) and this is one of its key distinguishing factors.

  • social learning spaces,
  • learning zones,
  • peer to peer learning,
  • collaborative learning
Publication Date
October 2, 2008
Published Version.

Sutherland, Mark and Wilson, Hamilton. (2009) The Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre. A Case Study presented at the Next Generation Learning Spaces Colloquium, University of Queensland, Australia on 2 October 2008.

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2009 HERDC submission. FoR Codes: 0807, 1201.

© Copyright Mark Sutherland and Hamilton Wilson, 2008.

The Balnaves Multimedia Learning Centre received the Australian Institute of Architects 2009 G.H.M. Addison Award for Interior Architecture.
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Mark Sutherland and Hamilton Wilson. "The Balnaves Foundation Multimedia Learning Centre" Next Generation Learning Spaces Colloquium (2008)
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