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About Mark Sutherland

Mark Sutherland's current interests include the changing role of libraries in a world where the lines between professionals, amateurs and the public are blurring, particularly through the use of mobile technology and social media.
Mark is a broad-based professional with extensive experience in managing libraries and technology in the higher education sector. He was most recently Acting Director of IT Services at Bond University and prior to that, Associate Director of Corporate Services where his portfolio for a number of years covered a range of services across the Library and IT areas. Mark has almost 3 decades of experience in university libraries both in Australia and South Africa. He has played a leading and innovative role in a number of library building and refurbishment projects including the transformation of an underutilised art gallery into a multimedia learning centre and the modernising of a computer lab precinct.
He has a keen interest in library and learning environment design and the integration of technology into buildings as well as the optimal utilisation of technology in the discovery, creation and sharing of information.
Bachelor of Arts;
Bachelor of Library & Information Science;
Graduate Certificate in Management;
Associate of the Australian Library and Information Association (AALIA)

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