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Assessing the Quality of a Decision Support E-Service
International Journal of E-Business Research (2013)
  • Mark C. Springer, Western Washington University
  • Craig K. Tyron, Western Washington University
  • Steven Ross
Electronic service quality, or e-service quality, is the quality experienced by the user of a service delivered over the Web. Over the past several years, researchers have developed many models of e-service quality with the goal of identifying those factors that are most important for customer loyalty. Most of these models focus primarily or exclusively on retail e-commerce Web sites which support the delivery of a physical product to the consumer. Recently, however, “pure” e-service Web sites, namely those that do not involve the sale and delivery of a physical good, have received increasing attention from researchers. This article proposes and validates a quality assessment instrument for a type of pure e-service that has not yet been studied: a Web-based decision support system. Based on a study involving over six hundred subjects, we identify those quality dimensions that affect customer loyalty for a pure e-service of this type.
  • Customer .oyalty,
  • E-Service quality,
  • E-Service websites,
  • E-Services,
  • Service Quality (SERVQUAL),
  • Web site design
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Mark C. Springer, Craig K. Tyron and Steven Ross. "Assessing the Quality of a Decision Support E-Service" International Journal of E-Business Research Vol. 9 Iss. 2 (2013)
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