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About Mark Evan Schwartz

MFA: Boston University College of Fine Arts;
BFA: East Carolina University School of Theater;
Mark is an award-winning screenwriter with credits on over a dozen produced feature films, television shows, and television movies. Starting out as a Production Assistant for Francis Coppola, he went on to become Story Analyst for the Geffen Company, Story Editor for Galactic Films MGM, and Head of Story and Development for Nelson Entertainment, the international distributor of the blockbuster comedy When Harry Met Sally and Best Picture Academy Award winner The Last Emperor. His screenwriting credits include Little Men (Warner Brothers Family Entertainment) and Star Quest (Concorde/New Horizons), produced by the legendary Roger Corman. His black comedy, Jackals, was optioned by Propaganda Films and Partisan in Paris, France.
He previously served as Coordinator of the Screenwriting Track, Associate Dean of the School of Film and Television, and was recipient of the 2009-2010 LMU Crimson and Blue SFTV Professor of the Year Award.


Present Associate Professor, Loyola Marymount University


Contact Information

Office: Xavier Hall 233
Phone: 310.338.3763

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