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GDR Literature in the International Book Market: From Confrontation to Assimilation
GDR Bulletin
  • Mark W. Rectanus, Iowa State University
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In the West, the designations "East German author" or "GDR author" have often been misused as labels to accentuate ideological boundaries, but they have also been used quite productively to inform readers on new publishing programs (i.e. authors and their works), which offered different aesthetic and thematic perspectives. And for many readers in the Federal Republic this dialogue with the "other Germany" has served an important function within the overall context of the question of national identity. Whether German authors in the reunified Germany are perceived as "former GDR authors," "German authors," or simply as "authors," it would appear that this dialogue will continue, in its multifaceted forms of expression, but within a markedly international environment.

Copyright © 1990 The Johns Hopkins University Press. This article first appeared in GDR Bulletin, Volume 16, Issue 2, Fall, 1990, pages 11-18, doi:10.4148/gdrb.v16i2.961. Posted with permission.

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Johns Hopkins University Press
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Mark W. Rectanus. "GDR Literature in the International Book Market: From Confrontation to Assimilation" GDR Bulletin Vol. 16 Iss. 2 (1990) p. 11 - 18
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