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Single Minded? : Implementing Common Financial Systems
Charter (2000)
  • Mark E Pickering
As companies grow via acquisition they collect a variety of separate and often quite diverse financial systems belonging to the newly acquired companies. While there is a substantial cost to implementing a common financial system across the merged group. Is that cost outweighed by the benefits of a single system? This article uses a case study to highlight options for different degrees of finance system commonality, potential benefits of each option and a framework for analysing the appropriate level of commonality.
  • Accounting,
  • finance systems,
  • mergers,
  • acquisitions,
  • M&A,
  • integration,
  • IT,
  • systems,
  • finance,
  • finance function,
  • costs,
  • benefits
Publication Date
August, 2000
Citation Information
Mark E Pickering. "Single Minded? : Implementing Common Financial Systems" Charter (2000)
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