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Factors Impacting on the Efficacy of Feedback for Formative Assessment
SBS HDR Student Conference
  • Mark Middleton, University of Wollongong
iC - SBS Teaching Facility
Start Date
30-9-2011 1:45 PM
End Date
30-9-2011 3:00 PM
This paper focuses on factors impacting on the efficacy of feedback for formative assessment. A number of studies have found that formative assessment drives learning and that feedback is a distinguishing feature of formative assessment. The effect of feedback on student learning is well documented, however the provision of feedback does not guarantee that learning will take place. A number of factors impacting on feedback have been reviewed in the literature. However the relational process between student and teacher and whether this impacts the effectiveness and acceptance of feedback is relatively unexplored and needs to be more closely examined. Investigation of factors surrounding the relational process that contributes to the integration of feedback for learning will be explored, particularly in the context of a postgraduate business school.
Citation Information
Mark Middleton. "Factors Impacting on the Efficacy of Feedback for Formative Assessment" (2011)
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