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Printing Technology in the Hand-Press Era
  • Mark McDayter, University of Western Ontario
This portion of The Printer's Devil Project is devoted to an exploration of the material culture and processes involved in the production of printed works in the handpress era (roughly 1475 to 1850), with a particular focus upon the second half of the seventeenth century. Eventually, these pages will address a wide variety of aspects of print production in the period, including papermaking, type creation, printing, binding, and bookselling, as well as provide an introduction to a variety of other aspects of book history relating to the period. Individual pages relating to the mechanics of printing are arranged in a chronological order that follows the entire process of book production, and are supplemented with generous excerpts from Joseph Moxon's seminal discussion of the printing trade in the second volume of Mechanick Excercises: Or, the Doctrine of Handy-Works. Applied to the Art of Printing (London, 1683). Illustrations are "snapshots" of virtual artifacts that have been created in Second Life, and which are to be found at the project site; most of these have been constructed with reference to the descriptions and plates to be found in Moxon's work.
  • book history,
  • bibliography,
  • material culture,
  • printing technology,
  • history of printing,
  • Joseph Moxon
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Mark McDayter. "Printing Technology in the Hand-Press Era" (2012)
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