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Indices to Seventeenth-Century Poetry
  • Mark McDayter, University of Western Ontario
This ongoing set of indices to seventeenth-century poetry is a byproduct of personal research, centred on (but not exclusive to) my ongoing electronic edition of Rump: Or an Exact Collection (1662). It therefore makes no pretense to being either methodical, or comprehensive, but is offered here merely as a potentially useful bibliographical aid to those working in the poetry of this period. At the moment, this site indexes 43 separate volumes of seventeenth-century poetry, ranging in date from the 1630s to 1690. The majority of these are poetical miscellanies, drolleries, and the like, but a number of single authored collections are included as well. Approximately 4,200 individual poems have been indexed here, within a total of over 4,300 entries. There are about 300 hyperlinked cross-references at the moment, and about 1000 brief explanatory notes of varying complexity.
  • 17th-century poetry,
  • first-line index,
  • verse,
  • bibliography,
  • digital resource
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Mark McDayter. "Indices to Seventeenth-Century Poetry" (2005)
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