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Citizen Perceptions of Risk Associated with Moving Radiological Waste.
Risk Analysis (1996)
  • Mark K McBeth, Idaho State University
  • Ann S Oakes, Idaho State University
Much has been written about public support or opposition to the siting of hazardous waste facilities and more generally about concern for radioactive contamination. Much less has been written about the perceived risks of citizens' specific concerns about the transportation of radiological waste to temporary or permanent sites. This study reviews the existing literature in the area and presents new data on the subject from an Idaho survey. The new data indicates: (1) age, gender, and knowledge are the key variables predicting opposition to the transportation of such waste, (2) the primary concern among the opposing and unsure public is the planned use of trucks to move the TRU waste, and (3) respondents have high degrees of trust in officials who make decisions based on technical knowledge, are charged with the safety of transporting TRU waste, and who respond to mishaps. These attitudes need to be understood by policymakers and administrators when designing and implementing waste-transportation programs.
  • radioactive waste
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Mark K McBeth and Ann S Oakes. "Citizen Perceptions of Risk Associated with Moving Radiological Waste." Risk Analysis Vol. 16 Iss. 3 (1996)
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