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Fighting Back: The Growth of Alternative Trade
Development (Society for International Development)
  • Mark Leclair, Fairfield University
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Mark S. LeClair looks at the growing influence of fair trade, the marketing and sale of products at greater than free trade prices, on international trade. He argues that fair trade represents a unique response to the perceived inequities of unrestricted free trade and through a survey conducted with fair trade organizations shows how it is operating at the moment to balance inequalities, though he warns there is a precarious future for the artisans relying on such a system.


Copyright 2003.

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LeClair, Mark. 'Fighting Back: The Growth of Alternative Trade.' Development (Society for International Development) 46.1 (2003): 66-73.
Peer Reviewed
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Mark Leclair. "Fighting Back: The Growth of Alternative Trade" Development (Society for International Development) Vol. 46 Iss. 1 (2003)
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