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The Pro-Life/Choice Debate
Winthrop University Faculty Book Gallery
  • Mark Y Herring, Winthrop University
While the disagreements on abortion date to the beginning of our country, most of its public debate has taken place during the 20th century. Herring examines the issue from the debate's origin to its current state and expected future. Narrative chapters include discussions of the pro and con arguments associated with abortion, featuring quotes from doctors, politicians, religious figures, and ordinary people.First in the new Historical Guides to Controversial Issues in America series, this volume studies the major events and periods in the development of the abortion debate throughout its history. Students will find a nonpartisan approach to landmark cases, acts and amendments, and Pro-Life and Pro-Choice advocates. A list of Pro-Life/Choice Web sites and other electronic resources for further research is included.
Ida Jane Dacus Library
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  • Abortion,
  • Women's Rights,
  • Women's Studies,
  • Political Activism & Participation,
  • Health Law,
  • Public Opinion

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1. The Past as Prologue to the Present: Abortion from the Classical Period to 1750

2. Before There Was Roe: 1750-1899

3. Before There Was Roe: 1900-1970

4. Fireband: January 22, 1973, Roe v Wade

5. Backlash: Old Right, New Right

6. Morning After Bills: After Roe, before Casey

7. Another Casey Steps to the Plate: Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pennsylvania v Casey

8. Partial-Birth or Late-Term Abortions and the Bans

9. Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Questions: Quo Vadis?


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Mark Y Herring. The Pro-Life/Choice Debate. Westport(2003)
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