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Soil Loading Effects of Planter Depth-Gauge Wheels on Early Corn Growth
Applied Engineering in Agriculture
  • H. Mark Hanna, Iowa State University
  • Brian L. Steward, Iowa State University
  • Landon Aldinger, Iowa State University
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Final soil manipulation before seed germination occurs during the planting operation. Contact force of depth-gauge wheels adjacent to the seed opener potentially alters the environment for corn seed germination and early plant growth. A field experiment was conducted measuring seed spacing, spacing variability, seed depth, emergence rate, plant dry matter, final stand, crop growth stage, and extended leaf height with different soil contact loads [light, 180 to 490 N (40 to 110 lb); medium, 490 to 890 N (110 to 200 lb); and heavy, over 890 N (200 lb)] and a range of three soil moistures (dry, moist, wet). A treatment with randomly variable contact load similar to that of a conventional planter (control) was also included.


This journal paper of the Iowa Agriculture and Home Economics Experiment Station, Ames, Iowa, was supported by Hatch Act and State of Iowa Funds. Trade and company names are included in this article for the benefit of the reader and do not infer endorsement or preferential treatment of the product named by Iowa State University

This article is from Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 26, no. 4 (2010): 551–556.

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American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
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December 3, 2012
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H. Mark Hanna, Brian L. Steward and Landon Aldinger. "Soil Loading Effects of Planter Depth-Gauge Wheels on Early Corn Growth" Applied Engineering in Agriculture Vol. 26 Iss. 4 (2010) p. 551 - 556
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