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Reducing anhydrous ammonia application by optimizing distribution
Leopold Center Completed Grant Reports
  • H. Mark Hanna, Iowa State University
  • Thomas S. Colvin, United States Department of Agriculture
  • Michael L. White, Iowa State University
  • James L. Baker, Iowa State University
Project ID
Anhydrous ammonia is one of the most popular ways to fertilize U.S. crops. As it has risen in cost, farmers and researchers have been seeking more efficient ways to apply this nitrogen fertilizer.
Principal Investigator(s)
H. Mark Hanna
Tom S. Colvin, Michael L. White, James L. Baker
Year of Grant Completion
Citation Information
H. Mark Hanna, Thomas S. Colvin, Michael L. White and James L. Baker. "Reducing anhydrous ammonia application by optimizing distribution" (2003)
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