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Planter clean-out tips when changing seed varieties
Integrated Crop Management News
  • H. Mark Hanna, Iowa State University
  • Wallace J. Greenlees, Iowa State University
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As many growers move toward specialty/value added crops, some are interested in segregating grain production by seed varieties, within grain genetics rather by grain types (for example, corn, soybeans, oats). Current interest is in segregating nongenetically enhanced crops from genetically enhanced crops for export sale. Consumers are creating a demand for identity-preserved processed grain products (for example, demand for organic production, processing, and labeling). In the future, consumers or labeling demands may create the desire to segregate seed varieties within quality or genetic level for traits such as protein, oil, fiber, and starch content. Regardless, an important initial question to ask is, What level of undesirable grain will be tolerated in the amount subsequently marketed?
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Iowa State University
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H. Mark Hanna and Wallace J. Greenlees. "Planter clean-out tips when changing seed varieties" (2000)
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