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Unpublished Paper
Optimizing solid manure application by improving distribution
Leopold Center Completed Grant Reports
  • H. Mark Hanna, Iowa State University
  • Thomas L. Richard, Iowa State University
  • Graeme R. Quick, Iowa State University
Project ID
Improving the uniformity of manure distribution may make it a more effective substitute for commercial fertilizer and allow farmers to take proper nutrient credit for the manure. Manure-spreading equipment or application techniques may need to be modified to be more efficient.
Key Question
How can farmers gain confidence in the reliability of nutrient distribution from spreaders?
This work shows what manufacturers need to know to improve equipment performance and what farmers need to know about using manure spreading equipment effectively.
Principal Investigator(s)
H. Mark Hanna
Thomas L. Richard, Graeme R. Quick
Year of Grant Completion
Citation Information
H. Mark Hanna, Thomas L. Richard and Graeme R. Quick. "Optimizing solid manure application by improving distribution" (2004)
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