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Managing pasture to reduce soil erosion
Integrated Crop Management News
  • Mahdi Al-Kaisi, Iowa State University
  • H. Mark Hanna, Iowa State University
  • Michael J. Tidman, Iowa State University
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Historically, producers allowed livestock on pasture to have full access to creeks, rivers, or ponds for drinking water. But giving livestock direct access to surface water sources can contribute to problems associated with water quality and soil stability. The key issues are related to the presence of manure on pastures, which can be subsequently carried to surface waters in runoff); soil erosion tat is associated with animal activity on pasture and in water bodies; and lack of timely pasture management, which contributes to degradation of the vegetative cover.
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Iowa State University
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Mahdi Al-Kaisi, H. Mark Hanna and Michael J. Tidman. "Managing pasture to reduce soil erosion" (2001)
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