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Evaluating spray equipment for improved fungicide application
Integrated Crop Management News
  • Alison E. Robertson, Iowa State University
  • H. Mark Hanna, Iowa State University
  • Mark Carlton, Iowa State University
  • Bob Wolf, Kansas State University
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Fungicides are the only management tool presently available to manage Asian soybean rust. The fungicides currently registered for use on soybean (Section 3 and Section 18 labels) have little systemic movement, if any, within a leaf, especially when compared with systemic herbicides. Thus, fungicide efficacy depends on application timing, dosage, and perhaps most important, coverage and penetration. Droplet size, volume, and pressure influence coverage and penetration of the fungicide in the soybean canopy.
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Iowa State University
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Alison E. Robertson, H. Mark Hanna, Mark Carlton and Bob Wolf. "Evaluating spray equipment for improved fungicide application" (2006)
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