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Journalism history : a debate
Journalism Studies
  • Mark HAMPTON, Lingnan University, Hong Kong
  • Martin CONBOY, University of SheffieldUnited Kingdom
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Journal article
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  • historical methodology,
  • journalism as discourse,
  • journalism history,
  • media history,
  • political economy of news,
  • Communication
In this exchange, Mark Hampton and Martin Conboy debate the best approaches to researching and writing journalism history. In the first essay, Hampton, taking as his starting point Conboy's 2010 agenda-setting article, "The Paradoxes of Journalism History'', argues that journalism history should be more deeply integrated within broader cultural, political, and economic historiographies, and that media history is key to this task. In the second essay, Conboy acknowledges the importance of such wider contexts, but reaffirms the need for disentangling journalism history more carefully from media history in order to appreciate its distinctive qualities. This methodological disagreement is particularly important because of the underlying premise on which both scholars agree: that a rigorous historical approach is central to the undertaking of Journalism Studies.
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Hampton, M., & Conboy, M. (2014). Journalism history: A debate. Journalism Studies, 15(2), 154-171. doi: 10.1080/1461670X.2013.816547