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Learning Styles and Entrance Requirements for Online Master’s Programs
Journal of Industrial Technology (2010)
  • Stan Lightner, Western Kentucky University
  • Mark Doggett, Western Kentucky University
  • Vesta Whisler, Valdosta State University

As more online graduate programs are created and traditional programs shift to an online format, the need to identify and understand skill sets necessary for students’ success becomes more apparent. Typically, graduate programs rely on entrance requirements such as the GRE, undergraduate GPA, and a writing sample to evaluate an applicant’s potential success. Is it reasonable to expect that other entrance requirements might be needed for student success in online graduate degree programs?

Research comparing learning and personality styles of online learners exists; however, application of this information as part of the admissions process for online graduate programs is sporadic. How important is the identification and understanding of the skill sets necessary for success of the online learners? Should the entrance requirements be different for online graduate programs; and if so, what should be included?

Students currently enrolled in an online masters program were measured for personality and learning styles. The survey results were compared with data from previously published research. A survey of the Engineering Technology Listserve also gathered data from online programs to identify entrance requirements and perceptions of faculty regarding learning styles.

  • Distance Learning,
  • Higher Education,
  • Research,
  • Teaching Methods
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Stan Lightner, Mark Doggett and Vesta Whisler. "Learning Styles and Entrance Requirements for Online Master’s Programs" Journal of Industrial Technology Vol. 26 Iss. 1 (2010)
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