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About Mark Garrett Cooper

Cooper’s research seeks to explain what it means that corporate institutions make movies, and, simultaneously, how movies have helped to define corporate institutions. He is currently researching a history of motion picture accounting that will consider bookkeeping’s participation in the artistic process. With John Marx, he is writing a reappraisal of twentieth-century humanities disciplines tentatively entitled “How Hollywood Invented the English Department.” As interim director of Moving Image Research Collections, he engages multiple initiatives to generate alternative histories from archival motion pictures.


Present Associate Professor of English, University of South Carolina - Columbia
Present Associate Professor of Film and Media Studies, University of South Carolina - Columbia
Present Interim Director, Moving Image Research Collections, University of South Carolina - Columbia

Research Interests

Early Hollywood, Film and Media Historiography, Corporate Culture/Institutions, and Gender Studies

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Honors and Awards

  • Library Primary Source Development Grant, 2003 and 2004
  • Committee on Faculty Research Support Summer 2003-2004 Award
  • Superior Liberal Studies Honors Teacher Award, 2001


  • Introduction to Film and Media Studies
  • Film and Media History
  • Cinema, Sex, and the City, 1913-1933
  • History of Cinema I (to 1945)
  • Film and Media Theory
  • Cinema and the Archives (graduate)