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Here, There, and Everywhere: A Study of Consumer Centrism
International Marketing Review (2016)
  • Melvin Prince
  • Mark A.P Davies, Teesside University
  • Mark Cleveland
  • Dayananda Palihawadana
A first objective is to add insight into how constructs of ethnocentrism, xenocentrism and
cosmopolitanism relate to each other. Knowledge of how these constructs overlap or work together in
affecting consumer preferences will offer global marketers insights for designing appropriate
marketing strategies. The second objective is to extend this knowledge by examining the
correspondence of these three constructs to a nomological network of dispositional concepts pertinent
for product positioning and market segmentation. The third objective is to empirically examine the
extent to which the measures, construct structure and associative relationships are robust in different
national research settings. The paper aims to discuss these issues.
Surveying British and American consumers, this study examines
and analyzes the correspondence of these identity-relevant constructs within a nomological net of
pertinent concepts: consciousness-of-kind, global consumption orientation, materialism and natural
environment concern.
The hypothesized negative links between CET-XEN and CET-COS, and the predicted
positive connection between XEN-COS were all confirmed on the latent factor results for the combined
data set. The negative correlation between CET-XEN was of a considerably lower magnitude than that
for CET-COS.
To date, no research has used an identity theory framework and simultaneously
examined in a cross-cultural context the int
errelationships of consumer ethnocentrism
consumer xenocentrism and cosmopolitanism
and their differentiating linkages to a multiplicity
of consumer dispositions.
  • cross-cultural,
  • market segmentation,
  • global marketing,
  • cosmopolitanism,
  • xenocentrism,
  • consumer ethnocentrism
Publication Date
Fall October 1, 2016
Citation Information
Prince, M., Davies, M. A., Cleveland, M., & Palihawadana, D. (2016). Here, there and everywhere: A study of consumer centrism. International Marketing Review, 33(5), 715-754.