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Consumer Fear of Online Identity Theft: Scale Development and Validation
Journal of Interactive Marketing (2015)
  • Patrick Hille
  • Gianfranco Walsh
  • Mark Cleveland

One unwelcome side effect accompanying the rise of e-commerce concerns the increase in cyber-crime, which in turn contributes to consumer fear of online identity theft (FOIT). This research details the development and validation of a FOIT scale that measures individual differences in consumers’ proneness to feel negative emotions in relation to shopping online, specifically, the fear that others may illicitly use their identifying details. Based on literature insights, findings from qualitative interviews (n=43), and three quantitative studies in Germany (n=345, n=539, n=1,150) conducted in various online contexts, the authors propose a two-dimensional FOIT scale. Comprehensive validation procedures which involve relating FOIT to antecedents and consequences suggest the usefulness of the FOIT scale. Suggestions for future research and managerial implications are discussed.

  • Scale development,
  • fear of online identity theft,
  • cyber-crime,
  • e-commerce,
  • misuse of personal and financial data,
  • purchase behavior
Publication Date
Spring 2015
Citation Information
Patrick Hille, Gianfranco Walsh and Mark Cleveland. "Consumer Fear of Online Identity Theft: Scale Development and Validation" Journal of Interactive Marketing Vol. 30 Iss. 2 (2015) p. 1 - 19
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