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Cross-Linguistic Validation of a Unidimensional Scale for Cosmopolitanism
Journal of Business Research (2014)
  • Mark Cleveland, University of Western Ontario
  • Michel Laroche
  • Ikuo Takahashi
  • Secil Erdogan, University of Western Ontario
Consumers’ positive dispositions relating to foreign countries, cultures, and products is an important yet under-researched topic, compared against the volume of research on consumers’ negative dispositions towards the same. Cosmopolitanism, conceptualized as a general dispositional orientation reflecting an affinity for cultural diversity and the proclivity to master it, garners increasing attention as a variable for international market segmentation. Empirical studies on cosmopolitanism are scarce, principally due to the absence of scale demonstrating sufficient cross-cultural validity across languages. This research reports on such a validation, across four countries and five languages. Psychometric evaluations entailed a number of techniques, including multi-group confirmatory factor analysis. The results largely confirm the cross-lingual applicability of the cosmopolitanism scale.
  • Cosmopolitanism,
  • Globalization,
  • Scale Validation,
  • Cross-Cultural,
  • Consumer Behavior
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Mark Cleveland, Michel Laroche, Ikuo Takahashi and Secil Erdogan. "Cross-Linguistic Validation of a Unidimensional Scale for Cosmopolitanism" Journal of Business Research Vol. 67 Iss. 3 (2014)
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