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Gender Differences in Information Search Strategies for a Christmas Gift
The Journal of Consumer Marketing (2000)
  • Michel Laroche
  • Gad Saad
  • Mark Cleveland, The University of Western Ontario
  • Elizabeth Browne
Examines the underlying determinants of in-store information search for a Christmas clothing gift, specifically focusing on gender differences. Two non-personal (general and specific) and one personal (sales clerk assistance) in-store information search domains were obtained from the results of a survey of actual consumers carried out shortly after the Christmas season. Consistent with the predictions of the selectivity model, females appeared to comprehensively acquire in-store information, whereas males appeared to heuristically limit their search to a smaller subset of in-store information. More specifically, females scored significantly higher than males on indices of both general and specific information search. Females, compared to males, were also found to start Christmas shopping much earlier, purchase more gifts, and embark on a greater number of shopping trips. Other observed gender differences are discussed.
  • Consumer behaviour,
  • Gender,
  • Marketing information,
  • Shopping
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Michel Laroche, Gad Saad, Mark Cleveland and Elizabeth Browne. "Gender Differences in Information Search Strategies for a Christmas Gift" The Journal of Consumer Marketing Vol. 17 Iss. 6 (2000)
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